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Table Tops


Prized for its strength, beauty, and durability, Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is the ideal choice of hardwood to complement our high-performance concrete in your outdoor living space. The density and strength of this wood make it naturally resistant to fire, water, and rot. Our Ipe is responsibly harvested from well-managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource. These handcrafted inserts transform our fire features into a functional table that can be enjoyed year-round. Although Ipe is a beautiful material, it’s not impervious to weathering. Over time, the color may fade to a silver patina and there may be slight movement in the boards, but this has no effect on its structural integrity or durability. To preserve the color, periodically apply a quick coat of the provided wood conditioner and protectant. If Wabi Sabi isn’t for you or you’re wanting a lower-maintenance, lighter (on average Ipe Table Tops range from 20lbs/ 9kg - 45lbs/ 21kg) and more consistent option, we recommend our Aluminum Table Top.

Please note, due to slight differences in construction, these cannot be added to an existing LUMACAST feature unless it was crafted to include an Ipe Table Top.