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All LUMACAST Fire Features come with a standard Crushed Lava Rock infill. We also offer other options for a different aesthetic experience; Rolled Lava Rock and Smooth Basalt. These different infill accessories can help you to further customize the appearance of your new Fire Feature. Take a look at our gallery below to see some examples.

We have tested our infill options for use in high heat environments. All three of our offerings have been selected for their physical aesthetic and flame producing properties. Only fire rated infill should be used with LUMACAST fire features. Unapproved infill may explode or fracture causing injury or damage to your fire feature and property.

Please note: Smooth Basalt is not available for select models of BLOC², BOLA, CARVE², CYLINDRA, OVA, OVA [slim] & SPUN with outputs greater than 185,000 BTU